Maudekollen 1021 m – spectacular views of mountains and fjords

A glance of the massive mountains appears in between the dramatic clouds. A touch of the fresh wind strokes my cheek and I can smell the salty sea.

Contrasting shadows on the top of the mountains are created by the bright shining sun. The water is deep and crystal clear and the views are astonishing! We had no visibility at all when we were in the mountains but suddenly it cleared up and the blue sky glimpsed out of the clouds. The light from the sun was really dramatic and powerful when we swept through the fjord.

Quick weather changes

Nowhere else is the weather affected as much by nature like in Norway. Mountains and valleys, great local altitude differences and other variations in the terrain determine the wind, temperature and precipitation. We drove across the fjord to the other side to Urke, our second night’s port. There was a small bar that opened just for us and dinner was served with tasty beer and some relaxing guitar play by Gordon from Uteguiden.

Maudekollen 1021

After a great night’s sleep in the berths of Gåssten, it was time for the next ski tour towards Maudekollen. This tour also started pretty forgiving. At first it was a bit cloudy but just before we got to the top the views opened up and we could look out over the fjord. Maudekollen is halfway to Slogen which is a famous peak, one of the top ten most beautiful mountains to climb in Norway.


It tingled a bit in my stomach when we arrived and saw the views. The height was breathtaking and I didn’t want to get too close to the edge. It was incredibly beautiful seeing the clear blue fjord in contrast to the white snow-capped peaks. Unfortunately, the snow conditions were even worse this day. The days before our arrival was the best of the season, but then temperature rose and it had been raining on the fresh snow which made it hard as crust. Luckily there are so many other experiences of a ski and sail trip which weighs up the quality of the snow! I was not sad at all that the snow was as bad as it was, I was just busy inhaling all the different impressions.


The way down was, as mentioned, quite hard and the valley did not have much snow. On the flat parts I struggled to be able to get across the streams without hitting any rocks. It took the air out of me and ice cold beer was quite nice when we got back to Gåssten!


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Me and Emelie Eriksson pretty stoked about the view.

It’s not every day you’re at a mountain peak with one of the best skiers in Sweden – Sverre Liliequist. Sverre is not just a ski legend, he’s also the designer and founder of Kask. Have a look, they’ve got very stylish and great functional clothing. Also, Sverre lives by his expression Live a little, which is also a pretty spot on slogan for Kask.

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