The hiking guide to Munken in Lofoten

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Munken Hiking Guide


Lakes high up on the mountain at different levels. Pouring waterfalls in the green nature. Magical views in the midnight sun.


We arrived after midnight with the ferry from Vaeroy and tried to find a tent spot as soon as possible to get some sleep after a long day. It was not that difficult because it was still bright even though it was in the middle of the night. We drove in to the lake Sorvågsvatnet and placed the tent. It was also from that spot the trip to our next hike began.


The next day we packed the tent with us along with some food and started walking. It was a bit cloudy and cold at first, but as soon as we started walking we became warm. There was quite a lot of climbing on this hike, in some places there was a chain rack that you could hold on to. Some parties were very muddy, it was really nice to have proper hiking shoes.


 68 North have made a great description of the trip, check it out for more details.



7,5 km one way

4 h up, 3 h down

915 m
Highest point:  

756 m




On this map I have placed our campsites and hiking tours


Munkebu Hut


We arrived to Munkebu Hut where most people finished their trip. You can reserve the cottage and get a key to stay there overnight. We continued to the top, the last bit was steep. Charlie got tracks on grouses and became completely overexcited. Once up on top we had to put on more clothes, we were really sweaty from the walk, but we quickly got cooled by the wind when we stopped walking.



We placed the tent on a small spot where it was not too rocky. As a sailor, you can not sleep on a spot where its too windy. But here we couldn’t find a spot to hide from the wind. To me it was a bit hard to feel comfortable with. But in that situation I was so pleased with our Hilleberg tent! It is designed for such type of weather. It was easy to set up even with the strong wind, so nice!


Fabulous sunset

We were laying in the tent and waited for the sunset. It was cloudy. I had hopes that the clouds would break up, but it did not look like that would happen. We went out of the tent for a while but gave up. We would just go to bed when the sun suddenly showed up though the clouds between two mountains. It was as someone turned the light on, the shine threw over the fjords and reflected the sky in fiery colors. It was crazy beautiful! An absolutely magical moment I will never forget.

Back down again

The next day we hiked down the same road again, it went much faster and it was such a nice and warm summer day. We had too much clothes on! When we came down from the hike we went to the town called Å and had waffles – they tasted heavenly I can promise! Å is a very cozy little fishing village, well worth a visit.


You can find other maps on different tours at, check them out!


Solglasögon från Karun, de sitter bra utan att glida av när man svettas på hiken!



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