Midnight light and snowboarding in Riksgränsen


I have never tried skiing in Sweden in May before. But this year it was about time! We had a hard time adapting to the daytime rhythm right away because of the midnight light – it was bright all night long.


We took the night train and despite travelling for 18 hours it went really quick! We were working for several hours and then went for a good night’s sleep. I really don’t mind sitting on a train, even though it may take a little longer than flying, to avoid transfer and boarding times. You just sit and work on your computer, get a lot done, and in no time you’ll be right outside your accommodation.


We had some bad luck with the weather, my expectations of skiing in May was sunshine, slush, shredding in t-shirt and beers in the sun. They had a snowfall record just the days before (which we did not mind at all!) But it meant storms and bad sight. We could not really enjoy the fresh snow, since we barely saw our hands in front of us.


The sun always shines in Norway?

We took a road trip to Norway one day when the weather was not so ski-friendly. On the Norwegian side the sun was shining and we drove into Grovfjord and were completely amazed by the mountain formations and fjords. Norway is so amazingly beautiful! We glanced at the top of Lofoten and were excited that we were so close to the destination that constitutes so much of our adventure planning nowadays. It’s going to be so exciting to sail around in these waters!


Because of the weather, here are some images of Grovfjord in Norway. Riksgränsen did not get caught on camera due to the milky sight!


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