What a day!

I started the day by being hungover and wondering if the world had gone under or if it was just me who felt like if I was dead. But as soon as I came up to the mountain, I felt fully alive like never before. A white blanket of 15 cm of fresh snow and clear sky with the pink sunrise behind the mountains was what we were met by at our work. I was fortunate to have the first break, which means I could slide down the slopes among the very first and surf up in the untouched powder. I met up with Christine who has been ordered by the doctor not to work but to go boarding instead. We had some amazing runs before I had to work again. I have not been able to stop smiling today or stop thinking about how much I love my life. It’s just great! Now I have to put on makeup to cover my sunburned face and head to jugnight for another crazy night!

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