Springtime in Banff

I had a nice little walk around Banff for two hours today. Just me and all the squirrels that’s playing around everywhere. Apparently the wildlife is waking up now, a bear showed up around Kicking Horse a couple of days ago. There´s around 8 bears living in the Lake Louise area and at least one that lives at the carpark in Sunshine, they say. A couple of cougars are running around the mountains here in Banff. The spring is around the corner!

0 thoughts on “Springtime in Banff

  1. Hello dear niece, you are a splendid photographer!!! Really beautiful pictures! You have just captured the early signs of spring. I wish we could see the same here up in Scandinavia – but we have still very cold weather – however with sun up longer so it is much nicer. Take good care of you and your sister!
    Much love!

    1. Tack Ami! Mamma och Oscar kommer komma hit en helt perfekt tid, vårskidåkning är det bästa! Hoppas allt är bra där hemma. Kram

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