A changing climate


Protect Our Winters


The south peak of Kebnekaise since long been Sweden’s highest peak. The glacier, however, melts at a too high pace as a result of climate change. This is something Protect Our Winters Sweden is paying attention to. According to Johnn Andersson, founder of POW, last September the southern summit was only 30cm higher than the north. This means that within a very near future, the south peak will no longer be Sweden’s highest. The ”new” peak is much more difficult to climb being steeper and not as accessible. This may cause far more injuries if people instead choose to ascend the current highest peak of Sweden.


Raising awarness to climate change


In order to pay attention to this upcoming scenario, Johnn chose to stand with a flag at the top of the south peak while competing in Keb Classic last weekend to highlight the problems that global warming poses. The fact that Sweden’s highest peak will no longer be the same as it has always been is unique. But of course it is not the only threat we are facing. We believe that POW are wise in trying to highlight this. Hopefully this will make more people understand the seriousness of the situation. And thus become more likely to make the differences necessary to reach the global goals.



Dark future with short ski seasons


During a Husky podcast, Johnn says that the winters in Sweden will get shorter. They have done a study to try to predict what the winters will look like  in the future. The result of their research is, to say the least, frightening. With a 1.5°C temperature rise, the number of ski days in Sälen will be only half as long by 2050. If the temperature rise to 4°C, their winters can be expected to be between 0 and 30 days long. Åre, with its 150-180 days of skiing per season, will of course also be affected. With a 1.5°C increase, their season will probably be shortened by at least 30 days . If the temperature rise will be as high as 4°C, the season will only be between 1.5-3 months long in 2050. By 2090 only 1-2 months long. FN’s global goals states that the world should not exceed a 2°C temperature rise measured from the industrialization. We have already reached 1°C of heating.

Together we are strong!


It’s easy to feel depressed when hearing about all the facts about climate change we’re beeing loaded with. But it is so important to keep in mind that every major change that has taken place in history has begun with people getting together. If politicians do not take the responsibility for humankind’s previous actions, then we must. When enough people jump on the train, politicians will turn their sail to where the wind takes them. Meaning doing what the people want! So just because big companies (unfortunately) do not care about the environment. Or just because people like Donald Trump are trying to destroy the planet further this does not mean that what you do does not matter. If we act and start to change how we live then companies will be forced to adapt.


So what can you do?


According to Johnn from POW, the most important thing is realizing, just as I mentioned above, that what we do plays a role. Protect Our Winters advocates to opt out from flying and driving cars and instead try to catch the train or carpool. And when you are traveling, travel closer to home and stay for longer. It’s better to stay away for 3 consecutive weeks instead of doing 3 different ski trips each season. If you go on ski trips, choose places with natural snow over artificial snow, as it is incredibly energy consuming to produce.


Something I think is very important is to shop and eat climate smart. Reuse and buy used stuff as much as possible, recycle all that can be recycled and if buying new stuff try to chose companies who has a serious climate commitment and actively work to reduce our impact on the planet. For example, Karün World is incredibly engaged and wants us to start looking at the world from a completely different perspective – in harmony with nature. Eat less meat and dairy products! According to the Nature Conservation Association, meat and dairy production affects our climate as much as all the world’s cars, buses, boats and airplanes combined. It is also cheaper with veg and there is so much yummy food you can make.




– Karün World



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