Together for a sustainable future


Emelie and I, and most likely many of you guys, find a huge pleasure in spending time in nature. Both during summer and winter.


To continue enjoying our stunning snowy winters and sunny summers with the swim friendly oceans we need to act together.


Today we live in a throwaway society. Instead of repairing products we buy new ones without any thought to what happens with what we discard. More or less everything today is wrapped in plastic, even fruits and vegetables. Since oceans absorb large amounts of carbon emissions they are getting acidified, and risk dying out. According to WWF, there will soon be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Deforestation result in trees not being able to absorb all the carbon dioxide emitted and agriculture contributes to massive emissions of methane gas which accelerates the greenhouse effect. If we want to see a future where people  live and reside on a earth similar to what most of us grew up with and learned to love this can not continue.



Throughout the life of Earth, climate has always been in constant change. But we can now say that climate change is intensifying due to global warming. The main reason for this fact is human impact on the environment. Do you want to be part of a generation that see these changes, and has the opportunity to try to do something about it, but chose not to act? Or do you agree that future generations should have the same possibilities to enjoy earth as us?


This may all feel hopeless. But if you start to make a difference I am sure that you will influence people around you, and like a spider web, more and more will change perception to a sustainable lifestyle. A lifestyle where we have respect for our planet and each other instead of today where we utilize and exploit the earth. Be a part of shaping a society where we move a way from over-consumption, start eating better (which will lessen the impact on the environment but also improve your health) can influence energy etc.


It is our generation that has the opportunity to make a difference, let us do it together!




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