On the right track

A couple of weeks ago we met with Liselotte, the founder of Refo. Refo is a company working with recycling various materials and reselling it. It was really inspiring talking to her, especially to hear how she handles doing what she does, while still feeling hopeful for our future. Something I’m struggling with a lot is feeling guilty for not doing enough and also soaking in all of the bad things in the world till I do not know what to focus at all. So it makes me happy to hear of others who are working towards improving the world.


There are actually lots of people and companies already on the right track

Just like Liselotte and the crew at Refo. And like our partners Karün who want humankind to see the world from a different point of view. There are a lot of good documentaries and the like where you can learn more about how and what we can do to reduce our impact on the climate itself. By reducing our climate impact, we can give more people the chance to a humane life. Johan Rockström spoke on Summer in P1 in 2015 and it’s a program everyone should listen to. Truly makes you think!


Sunglasses made from recycled fishing nets

Documentaries worth seeing, in my opinion, are: Racing Extinction – which is about a bunch of activists and innovators commissioned to save endangered species, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood, The True Cost – which tells us about the frightening impact of the fashion industry on both people and the planet, the Swedish TV-series Zero Impact – where we can follow four families’ efforts to reduce their carbon emissions, and the movie Cowspiracy that had me completely change the way I eat.

Obviously there are many more great, and not so great documentaries and websites. Emelie and I do not think they get the attention that they deserve. On the best broadcasting times, you’ll mostly find reality shows and various cooking shows and the feeling we have received is that if you are not already interested and searching for the information, it’s easy to miss it. But we may be wrong.

It would be really interesting hearing how you experience it!




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