Hiking to Trolltunga (Troll’s tongue)



The number four on the list ”10 awe-inspiring places around the world” is located just about four hours from Stavanger – Trolltunga (Trolls Tongue) – one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway.

To walk up to Trolltunga is very physically demanding. 22 km back and forth took us around 11 hours (6 hours up, about one hour at Trolltunga, and 4 hours back). Trolltunga was formed about 10,000 years ago. The scenery is impressive, with glaciers on mountain peaks, beautiful blue lakes and high fjords. From the beginning people did the trek in two days, but a funicular was introduced and now people walks it in one day, as we did.
What a weekend!  It’s Tuesday night and my legs still ache that much I think they bleed from the inside.
On Friday, we packed a small bag to go off on an adventure. We hired a car on Wednesday evening, but I recommend to book it early, about 2-3 months in advance, then it will be much cheaper. If you book online it is usually cheaper than to call, for example, at Flygvaruhuset you will save 15% when booking online.  
We slept five people in this tiny car. It is a mystery how we could fit in. But we actually managed to sleep!

Sleeping in the car at a parking lot

We packed our luggage in the small Audi and brought quilts in case of not having anywhere to sleep. This trips was very spontaneous, nothing was really organized. We were not fit enough to bring a tent up the mountain. Unfortunately, the tour began with a lot of traffic outside of Stavanger – we arrived much later than expected. At that point It was fortunate that we could sleep in the car, every check-in was closed when we arrived at Odda. We slept five people in the car. It was quite  claustrophobic I can tell you. As long as you are not afraid of other people’s toes in the face, it actually worked! But search for Odda, Norway at a hotel booking site, for example Supersavertravel.se and book well in advance, then you will not have to spend the night in the car! 

The 10-hour long trek began with 2000 steps

The quality of the nights sleep was not long nor the convenience. The boys fired up and cooked us sausages in the parking lot for breakfast. The whole trip, which was estimated at about 10 hours, began with a long staircase that went next to an old mountain railway right up the mountain with over 2,000 steps. It was more like an wooden ladder than a staircase. It was tough and extremely sweaty, but we made it to the end.
Does this look hard? I’ts only halfway!


We made it! Only 9 hours walk left!

Garden of Eden

Our legs were so tired, we now only had about nine hours left. We were not experienced hikers, one of the guys walked in Converse. His feet were not so happy. If I would do the tour once again, I would make sure to have a couple of real hiking boots. Outnorth, for example, has a big variety. The nature was incredibly beautiful with waterfalls everywhere and in some places it felt like you were in some kind of Garden of Eden. When we got to Trolltunga, it was crowded of people gathered along the mountain ridges at 1,100 meters above sea level and 700 meters above the fjord Ringedalsvattnet.
It looked like everyone would fall over, people was making jumping photographs at the most scariest places and at Trolltunga people was handstanding or dangling with their legs over the edge. I did not think I was particularly afraid of heights but I panicked. My whole body was shaking and my hands got very sweaty.
Some people were running at the edge of the cliffs at about 700 meters above the river

Queue to Trolltunga

I just had to calm down and wait in the queue that were to Trolltunga. You had to go one by one and I’m just telling you – be gentle while walking – you do not want to stumble on some strange nails sticking out of the rock. I made it! However I did not dangle my legs like everybody else. I’ve got an adrenaline rush which was perhaps necessary to get the energy to walk all the way back again.

Only 2000 more steps

It was not easy to walk down the stairs either. My legs were quite exhausted after 10 hours of walking To walk down at the stairs on shaky legs were like walking on stilts – very unstable. Finally we came down, and because we still had not booked any rooms for the night, we had to dive into the lake to get rid of the sweat. A refreshing cider was not that bad either.


It was at least as demanding to walk down all those stairs as walking up. The legs were shaking
Our plan was to go to Odda for a party night in our dirty running shoes. We took a table on perhaps the only restaurant in the village and had pizza. We wondered where the party was, but the only ones we met seemed to be alcoholics. Odda was so beautiful from the outside but it turned out that we had to escape quickly. We went to Røldal and checked in at Røldal Hyttegrend Camping which was really nice! We tried to play some card games but we were all exhausted. On Sunday it was time to go home again.

Again we were amazed by Norway’s incredible natural beauty with trolls-like mountains and clear blue fjords, fluffy sheep and powerful waterfalls. We ended the weekend with a tour to Sola Strand in Stavanger where we watched kite surfers before we went home to bed which was more comfortable than ever.



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Hiking Trolltunga Norway
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Odda är en fin by med många maffiga vattenfall längs med vägen
Efter den långa hiken bodde vi på en hytte och drack ett par glas innan ögonen kraschade.
Vi avslutade helgen med en sväng på Sola Strand och tittade på kite surfare
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