Women’s sailing in the Stockholm archipelago

Expedition Lofoten welcomes you to a sailing weekend for women!


We rarely meet female sailors today. Because of this, we want to gather all ladies who sail. This is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, or for non-sailing friends to open their eyes to this amazing sport! The plan is to meet up in a bay Friday for everyone who can make it, and come Saturday sail to an appropriate spot to spend the evening, where those who’s had a longer trip can meet up.


girl sailing

Where? Stockholm archipelago

When? June 16-18

This is a prestigeless sailing event for women with access to a boat. Seize the opportunity, borrow your old man’s boat and bring your girls out! All ages and all who identify themselves as women are welcome!



We will try to get a slackline and some other fun stuff, make sure you’ll save the date!


It’ll be fun!


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