Sailing the Bay of Biscay and coast of Portugal with Sailing Swedes


Adventure is on!


I’ll travel to Brest next week to meet up with the guys of Sailing Swedes! They have sailed from Stockholm to Dieppe in France in three weeks and will continue to South America. Such a dream trip! I saw my opportunity to join for a few weeks before I start my new job in December.


We will sail the Bay of Biscay – it will certainly be tough. There are many stories from people sailing across Biscay, either it’s quiet or stormy, nothing in between. The crossing should take about 3 days, if everything goes well! Then we’ll sail the coast of Portugal and I’ll see when it’s time for me to get back home again.


It’s going to be so much fun and very good experiences! I’m so hyped right now!

Follow our live position at  Marinetraffic – search for Cekritito. Check out their logbook here and follow them on Instagram @sailing_swedes!

Have you done a similar trip? How was your experiences? Please comment and share!

Click on the map to see the whole route


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