Crashing trees with the boat in Kolnäsviken

I’ve got a lot of blog posts and photos coming up for you in the next upcoming weeks! This summer has been absolutely magical with a lot of time spent in the archipelago.


After the girls sailing event that we organized in June, we continued sailing for two weeks. We exploried the archipelago and found new boat friends. We had to make a stop at Smådalarö to fix some stuff with the boat. To stay at that harbor isn’t bad at all – check out the sauna from the post from last summer, it’s so nice! I recommend a visit at the hotel and to stroll around the area, take a coffee or try their breakfast buffet. However, make sure you bring a full wallet… It’s not a student’s price range; to stay one night with the boat costs 450 kr.



After Smådalarö we sailed to Ornö and arrived late at night. It was supposed to be very windy the next day so we wanted a sheltered harbor – Kolnäsviken. It was really hard to see anything in the pitch black bay, the shore looked strange in the dark. There’s a lot of pines growing down the shore, some of them had fallen in the water. When we landed, we thought we were touching ground because we couldn’t get forward. A lot of cones was falling from above. We weren’t touching ground, the mast was stuck in a tree! Haha that was so weird.


At Kolnäsviken there’s a fantastic campsite with plenty of space for a big group to hang around. The next evening there was a wonderful sunset. Chrisse and I wanted to have a company around the fire so we brought a bunch of German sailors that we found in the bay. It turned out to be a really nice evening. Despite Kolnäsviken’s dense pine forest, which reminds more of the mainland than the typical archipelago, it became a favorite spot. It reminded me of Canada in a way.



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