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A down to earth adrenalin-junkie. Christine describes herself as calm but still bursting with energy!


I love having a lot of things going on and therefore make sure I always do! It might be a little too easy for me to throw myself into new challenges but I think that is what makes life exciting. Although some may think that I should calm down a bit sometimes.


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What will be your biggest challenge on this journey?

I would say that it’s to stay focused until the actual trip. It’s a long time till 2019 and I have not planned this far ahead, ever. But also to become skilled and confident in managing a larger boat in rough weather. Then there’s the camera part, Emelie is awesome at shooting and filming – and I am miles away from her knowledge. It’s probably good if I learn too so that we can get as much material as possible.




What do you think is your best feature?

Perhaps that I am somewhat fearless. If I get an idea in my mind that I want to do something then it’s like I ”have” to do it. That is a big reason to why I, even though I’m pretty shy, constantly continues to develop as a person. I believe it is important to be aware that you can always improve and become more understanding of yourself, and others.


Name one good and one bad quality with Emelie. How is she to work together with?

Emelie is incredibly driven. It is so impressive to see her once she gets a taste for something she doesn’t give up until she has achieved it. A bad quality, I think that sometimes she does not believe in herself, and sometimes let the ”brain ghosts” take over. There is probably no one easier for me to coorporate with, it is a bit like cooperating with myself, except she complement me with a lot of awesome features that I totally lack!




When did you start to sail and snowboard?

I’ve been sailing since before I could walk. When I was a baby, my dad sometimes brought me to competitions where I got to swing between the cabin door, luckily I was such a sleepy baby who just wanted to nap all the time! My first sailing camp was a few years later, I was 7 years I think. Snowboarding I tried the first time when I was 9. I remember that day, I was so angry because there was something wrong with the board – it didn’t do what I told it to! I didn’t properly learn it till I was 12. But I’ve been skiing since before I could walk basically.




Why is the environment such an important issue for you? 

It is so incredibly scary how we, and also previous generations, have abused the earth’s resources and assets. I wish it was obvious to everyone that the environmental issue is important, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I don’t want to be part of the generation that had the ability to make a difference but didn’t take it, I want future generations to grow up with the same beautiful landscapes and opportunities as I did. Climate change scares me. What really scares me the most is how there are so many loopholes today and how media and way too many companys are fooling people into thinking that they’re doing the right thing when so often is not the case.


What is your best sailing – / snowboard memory?

Oh, I have so many good memories, both sailing and snowboarding ones. It is hard to just pick one. A really good winter memory I have is when Sunshine Village in Banff, Canada hosted a Girls Only Park Day. I learned so much that day that I had no clue I was capable of, and it was such an awesome vibe from all the girls. It is absolutely amazing what girls can achieve when they work together as a team!


Dropping cornices in Hemavan #capita #kobåset #inspireusse

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What do you do to improve the world we live in?

Far too little. But I try to eat vegan as much as possible, this I could really get better at. I recycle of course, try to avoid plastic as much as possible, donate money each month, etc. My education (Development and International Cooperation) is an important part for me to improving at making a difference, and my goal is to be able to work with bettering how people deal with the environment and their fellow humans (and animals).


Why do you think it is important to highlight women in male-dominated sports?

We need to get past the male-dominanting culture. It defines us more than we think, wether we like it or not. There is so much oppression and racism still in this world and, unfortunately, we seem to be far from a solution. It is so deeply rooted in us that many do not even realize they express and reinforce this oppression. Even I do it sometimes. But just because the world looks the way it does today does not mean that it is something we should accept. Together we have a great power, and to make our voices heard can change a lot! More equality within sports (in this case sailing and snowboarding) is a step towards a more equal society.




Just bought my season pass- June 13th I’m ready! #cardrona #burntabigholeinmybankaccount #lifeoftheunemployed #funemployed

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Is there any advice you wish you could tell your ten year younger self, something you know today but did not know then?

Maybe that I should not be afraid to be myself. And also to be unafraid of not fitting in. It’s not bad to be different, being different does not mean you’re weird, but that you are yourself. Dare to stand outside the norm!


What / who inspires you?

Emelie has been and still is one of my biggest inspirations. For most of my adult life I have followed her lifestyle with travels and to chase after my dreams. If it was not for her I do not know if I would have done and experienced as much as I have today. I’m going to continue to be a little cliché and also mention the rest of the family. It’s so inspiring to see how these strong people can have so much love and understanding within them, and also such a drive. Mom and Dad have always been the type who goes after what they want. They have always been incredibly supportive to me.




Favourite travel destination?

What a difficult question! All places I have been to truly have their own charm. But Canada is very close to my heart. So many incredibly nice people and  stunning nature! I would definitely travel there again. If I would mention a more tropic country it would probably be Colombia. They also have a really cool and warm culture and it is insanely beautiful.


What do you hope to achieve with this project? 

I hope we can get others to dare to do what they’ve always wanted. Now in the beginning of the project we are constantly told that we are crazy and our friends doubt if we will be able to go through with it. But I want to show people that one should not be afraid to throw themselves into the unknown, uncertainty can become something amazing! I hope that this project can make people think more about what they say, how they treat others, especially those who are oppressed and those who may not have a voice. Then of course I also hope that we’ll have loads of fun! It is perhaps what is most important, and that we learn a lot along the way. That however, I don’t doubt for a second.


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