Summer feelings

It’s absolutely gorgeous around Banff right now. It feels like summer, It’s really warm and people are walking around in tops and shorts in town. Today we were supposed to go riding in Lak... Read More

Some more Lake pics

As you can see, we couldn’t complain about the weather in Lake. Hopefully we will get the same weather tomorrow when Thomas in celebrating his birthday on hill. Yep, the beers are ready in the f... Read More

Nice day at Lake

We went to Lake Louise today for a change and finally I had a really nice day over there! Before when I’ve been there it’s been so icy, but today there was some fresh powder and beautiful ... Read More

Lake Louise

Today Christine and I went to Lake Louise for a change. It was my second day over there, and the snow is pretty different from Sunshine I would say. It was a quite easy day, the nachos at daylodge was... Read More


Tonight’s gonna be a CRAZY night. Apparently we are going to buy 120 jugs of beer tonight, this can’t end well. I’m just not going to smash my face again, hopefully… If you wil... Read More