The healthy mountain air

Ok, I’ll give it a try to write in English and we’ll see for how long that lasts! And let me know if this is something I should continue with or if my english sucks haha!
I don’t know how many times I’ve said that ”this is the last time I have a job that involves early mornings.” Now I’m back again, the alarm goes off at 6 am and I feel like I could hit someone. But I should not complain, I’m outside all day and goes boarding every day. But if it’s something I should complain about, it is the enoying cold I have. My voice is gone, and has been gone for a week now, and the cough is killing me… At least, I might get abs if this continues!
There’s something about the altitude, I’ll just tell you. I’ve said it before, but the mountain air makes you weird. In the Alps, I was constantly sick, broke bones, got cracks in the ribs, fired my nose up and knocked out teeth etc. It just seems to have started over here. We have a cough-party in the house all night and the first night out, I hurt my knee so badly I couldn’t go boarding. I’ve also got a big frostbite on my cheek, and after skiing my whole life and after four skiseasons, I have never experienced that before… Christine has got a virus in her eyes so it looks like she is constantly high. People are getting hurt all the time and bronchitis and pneumonia ravaging the village. Well, we’ll see how this will end, but the only thing I really should do now is to get that Alberta Health thing so I don’t have pay a fortune at that time I have to go to the hospital. Since it will probably happen sooner or later!


Sunshine Village organised a Christmas Party and here’s all of us lifties.
Dave, me and Sam

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