Big White

Two workingdays after everone’s gone back to Scandinavia, I went on a staff trip to Big white, close to Kelowna (around 7 hours away). Why rest when you can have fun!? We arrived pretty late the first night so after checking in to our hostel we just went to bed, exciting for the next days riding.
We woke up to the shining sun and some fresh powder, headed down to the village for some breakfast buffét and then just straped on our boards outside the restaurant and cruised away.Big White was pretty similar to the Alps, everything were on hill, no need to catch busses anywhere. And the houses was really nice with a hot tub at the balcony of every appartment.
Our first runs was a bit of an dissapointment. There was fresh snow everywhere but we couldn’t ride it because it was all hard and crusty. But the further up we went, the better the snow got and after a while we had amazing runs in trees all covered by snow, ”the goast trees”.
After riding fast as ever before and deep powder, my legs were killing me and the beers we had went stright up in my head. We played some drinking games and then it was time for dinner. It was way too early to be that drunk so some of us got back for a powernap, which ended with a tower of chairs, snowboards and other stuff on top of some people… haha!
The second day was pretty slow, the weather was shit. Really wet, snowy and bad visability. We couldn’t see the chair in front of us while riding the lifts. Pretty sketchy! Then it was time for the long busride back, and everyone just passed out stright away. Good trip, but way to quick!
Me and Cutler
Big White crew

The goast trees

Maher and Cutler




The scenery back to Banff was really stunning.

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