The Ultimate Guides for your travels


Tips, information & advice

General tips for your travels. Read more


How much we spent in Latin America

How much did it cost us to travel in South-, and Central America? Read more


A summary of 4 months in Latin America

The highlights from our trip
So many new experiences and just as many new friends. I can only say wow – what a journey. So many memories that will be with us for our entire life. Read more


The San Blas Adventure

When we got stranded in the ‘never-ever-go-there’ province
”It’s going to be the best trip of your lives. You will Visit the most beautiful beaches in the world.” Read more


How not to cross a border in South America

About when we became illegal in Peru.
After our trip to Isla del Sol we had an 11-hour bus trip to Cusco ahead of us. 15 minutes from Copacabana we crossed the border… Read more


The guide about avalanche awareness

Some basic facts that’s good to know before your ski season.
I’m not the only that starts to think about powder turns in deep snow when I’m watching the snowflakes fall from the sky. The interest in backcountry-skiing… Read more


The work & travel guide for Canada

All you need to now before you head over on your work and travel visa.
I worked as a lift attendant in seven months in Sunshine Village, Banff, but I had many questions and concerns about the trip. I tried to find guides… Read more


A backpackers guide through Australia

The ultimate guide for you to get organized before you head over to ‘the land down under’.
This is the guide about all my tips and tricks that I can think of to tell you, this is the guide that I wish I had read before I started my own journey. Read more


About the journey of our lives

Read about the time when our dreams came true.
I’ve had the best time in my life and experienced the most incredible things that many may not even experience during a lifetime. Read more


Working at a farm in Australia

About our two months of working at a farm, planting tomatoes and packing capsicums.
One day at work looks like this: We get up at 4:45 in the morning, eats porridge and makes lunch packages. 5:45 the bus takes us to the farm. Read more


A story about a near death experience

When we almost went under.
A few hours ago I did not think I’d be alive by now.
It’s probably best that I start from the beginning… Read more


How to start a life in Oslo

All you need to know before moving to Oslo.
There are many of you who asks me how to find the best jobs here in Oslo. I going to write some tips… Read more


The story about how we got ourselves sorted in Copenhagen

When we had nowhere to live for a week.
This is a story about how you can survive in the most spontaneous and confused manner possible. Read more


Travel through sapphire blue fjords surrounded by massive, snow-capped mountain peaks. Read more