Beach life in Lofoten

Reine – Hamnoy – Fredvang Bridges – Nusfjord – Haukland Beach – Unstad Beach


Between our hiking tours we did some touristing as well. We visited the most popular places that are well known from photographs. We were not alone, if you say so. It was beautiful places, I understand how it attracts tourists. But for us, there were too many people in the small fishing villages so we snapped some photos and drove away to other more remote places.


A lot of tourists


It feels like the tourism in Lofoten has grown a lot in the last couple of years. And it feels like Lofoten has chosen not to adapt to the amount of tourists, they want to preserve Lofoten exactly as it is, and it feels quite unique! The roads are small, the parking lots are cramped and few. There are no hotels or kiosks / restaurants along the way. So nice! It is easier to find a campsite than a hotel. If you have a tent, it’s no problem to escape from the tourists. We experienced our entire vacation as we had our own moments just when we wanted.


We drove through Reine, Hamnoy, the bridges at Fredvang Bridges and Nusfjord. In Nusfjord, you had to pay entry to enter the village. We were pleased to see it from the viewpoint and drove on.



Skagen Camping


The road to Nusfjord was really nice! I recommend a photo stop at Flakstadpollen, I wondered if you could do kitesurfing there, it would have been really cool! We stayed at Skagen camping in Flakstad, where we had an awaited shower! It was a few days since we felt fresh haha. We had some glasses of wine on the beach at sunset and did not have much to complain about!


Skagen Camping


Haukland Beach


The next day we went on to Haukland Beach. We were ready for a new hike. But it was so hot! We felt it would be too hot to go hiking during the daytime. Instead we set up the tent so Charlie got some protection from the sun and had a chill day at the beach. Behind us we had the green mountains with sheep walking around with  the bells tinkling around the neck and in front of us there was the white beach with crystal clear water. It was like being in the tropics – but in the arctic! The water was really cold, however even I who hates cold water could take a dip!


As the evening approached, we took our tent and went on an evening hike – the temperature was perfekt at that point. We went to Himmeltindan and about that hike you can read more about it in the next post!


Zoom to see our route.

Fredvang Bridges

Fishingvillage Reine


Unstad Beach


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