It’s been more than three months since I came home from the sailing trip from France to the Canary Islands. I still haven’t updated the blog with all posts! It’s crazy how time flies.


Day 28 – 33


Anyway, we sailed from Morocco to Lanzarote which was a couple of days sailing. The crossing was calm and pleasant with dolphins visiting and Jocke got his second fish – a Dorado, also known as Mahi-mahi. It had beautiful colors, especially at the first glance ot it, but after a while the colors faded. Our first stop on the island was in Arrecife for one night. We refilled the boat with food, had ice creams and went to the market. The next day we took a short sailing trip south to Punta del Papagayo. Over there we did a beach workout and explored the rugged landscape. The wind forecasts made us stay only one night in the bay so that we could make the last crossing to Las Palmas in time. More about that in the upcoming post!




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