Essaouiera – the fishing village


Day 26-27 Essaouiera


We arrived in Essaouiera in the morning. Thanks to a small island outside the bay you are protected from the wind while on the anchor. We stayed outside of the fishing port, and got ourself on land with the dinghy to check in once again and discover this part of Morocco.


Fish everywhere

It was a powerful feeling to come in to the fishing harbor with the dinghy. There were big fishing ships in colorful shades almost on top of each other. Thousands of seagulls circulated around our heads and there were a strong smell of fish. We were welcomed by Omar, a Moroccan guy who lives in his sailboat in the harbor. You can stay next to his boat, but then your boat would be full of poop after your stay because of all the seagulls.


The fishing port was so cool! There was so much to see. It’s not recommended to walk around in flip flops in the mud.. It was mixed with residues from fish splashing up on our legs. But that also made a part of the experience. Some Moroccans walked around in rubber boots and others had face masks to avoid the worst smell. It was fisk everywhere – all sorts of fish – even sharks and morays. You could buy fish and bring to nearby restaurants who would cook it for you. But we got fed up with the smell and went to the medina instead.

More shopping

My shopping desire came back again and I just wanted to buy everything! And the guys too, we bought bags and poufs, wallets and computer cases. It was a nice but small medina. After the shopping we went to the beach and then to the Tidal Pools at sunset. We had some food before we were completely smashed after all the impressions of the day.


I really liked Essaouiera, it was a cool place – I would have liked to stay longer! As we were sailing away, we saw camels a bit further away on the shore… I just simply have to go back to Morocco!!



2 thoughts on “Essaouiera – the fishing village

  1. Really nice pictures from Essaouira! You really manage to capture the essence of the place through your images! I just spent three days there, and loved that it was so ”calm” compared to cities like Fes and Marrakech 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I loved Essaouira too! It’s was such a cool little village. Would love to go back one day!

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