Sailing to Essaouiera

Day 25-26 – Sailing to Essaouiera


Another two-day sailing awaited us when we had managed to check out of Rabat. We got a really nice sailing into the sunset, the boat sailed in side winds against the buzzing sound of the waves. It was lovely to be out at sea again.


Fishing luck


Next day we may have had the most lyrical and adrenaline pumped man onboard on the entire Atlantic. After breakfast, Jocke’s fishing rod started jerking. He has used it almost every day, probably during 1000 nautical miles without any sign of a fish. But finally – Jocke got his tuna! It was a big one who glittered in blue and turquoise. We failed to weigh it but we think it was about 12 kg. 3 hours later the fish was ready on the plate. Jocke made sushimi and fried tuna with soy and salad for lunch. It’s not everyday you can eat a fish that fresh! Also, we had another 4 meals for us 4 people for the upcoming days.


After the eventful morning, we all fell in food coma and post-adrenaline exhaustion. The sea was calm and the wind was weak, we were running by autopilot and engine. Since Lagos in Portugal, we have changed our night shifts so that two people are out in the cockpit at the same time, rather than alone as we have been before. We still do the shift by 3 hours but the other person sleeps 3 hours outside if something would happen and we would need to help each other. I liked that! However, the nights have been very calm, but it feels safe to know that a person is ready if needed.




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