Heading for Morocco!

Day 19-21 Outside the Gibraltar Strait

It was a hard night in Lagos, the following day was slow. I sat at a cafe and worked all day while the boys were at the beach. In the evening we prepared for the next big crossing to Rabat in Morocco. The sailing would take us about 2.5 days. Everyone was hungover and tired, the atmosphere on board was a bit lame. As we got out of the harbor, the ocean was much more bulky than expected and our gut feelings told us to return. The problem was that it was already dark and getting back into the harbor had become tough we had to surf on the waves into the narrow entrance. After some food and discussions, we decided to continue the trip after all. It felt a bit sketchy at first but the sea calmed down when we got further out at sea. The wind was never stronger than 23 knots so it never became too bad. Instead, the wind moaned until the next day so we had to start the engine.


At African waters

Without a ripple on the water it became possible to see a bunch of turtles swimming at the surface. At one turtle there was also some big tunas and Jocke became completely lyrical. However, he still hasn’t got anyone on the hook yet. We had another night at sea and it was time to celebrate that we were outside Europe’s borders! At the shift change at 03 o’clock in the night, we took a glass of wine and some cheese when we all 4 of us were still awake. Easier said than done, the wine eded up everywhere but in the glasses because of the rocking movements of the boat. But it was really nice!


”Pirates” and fishing lines

The next day, we began to approach land. I woke up by the sound of Jocke throwing himself into the water and there was something wrong going on. We had sailed into a fishing net. Niclas had become unfocused when he saw a dinghy coming right against us. We had been warned about pirates so it was no wonder that he started focusing on the dinghy instead of on the water ahead of us. We got stuck in a fishing line with the rudder, but thanks to Jocke who jumped into the water very quickly he got rid of it quite painlessly. It became a pulse raiser, but there was no damage to us – it must have been worse for the poor fishermen – which were not any pirates!



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