Sesimbra, Sines & Lagos

Day 16 & 17 – Sesimbra & Sines

We had a sleep in and then we sailed to Sesimbra. We stayed by anchor in the bay, we did not see more than the silhouette of that city. The next day we sailed to Sines and had a really nice sailing there. The waves were big, it’s like the ocean has mountains and valleys. If you are on the top of a wave you look down into the valley and you see the horizon far away in the distance. In the valleys you look up to the waves that become like walls around the boat. A pretty spectacular feeling!


In Sines we went out for dinner at Origens Hostel and tried a very good Portuguese prawn dish – Flambé Prawns Portuguese Style. The next day in Sines we had some alone-time by ourselves. It may be necessary sometimes when staying so close to each other in a boat. I went for a run along the coast. The village was small and cozy with a wall that reminded of Visby. In the afternoon we went to Lagos – another night’s sailing.


Day 18 – Lagos

We arrived Lagos in the morning. The landscape was beautiful with sandstone cliffs with small beaches and caves. The harbor was very nice and well organized with a lot of Swedish boats. We spent the day cleaning the boat before we left to explore the beaches. There were small beaches where you walked through hole formations in the rocks to get to the next beach. Very nice!


In the evening we were advised by locals to a restaurant we wouldn’t had chosen on our own. We were also told about the Portuguese risotto – Cataplana with shrimp and pork. The food was really good! During previous restaurant visits, we had not been so impressed with the food of Portugal. I’s mostly fish or meat without any sauce or vegetables. Later during the week we found really good Portuguese food – and not to forget the Portuguese pastry Nata – yum! After dinner we went to The Mellow Loco Bar where we celebrated Philip’s last night and that Samuel had come back from his week in Porto.



One thought on “Sesimbra, Sines & Lagos

  1. Du tar inte bara fantastiska bilder utan skriver verkligen bra. Det är ett nöje att läsa dig. Synd att du inte är med över ”Pölen”
    Var rädd om dig
    Krister Drevinger

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