Arriving Porto – Portugal

Day 9 – Porto


We arrived in Porto in Portugal in the morning. The port was full of rubbish floating in the water. The surface was covered with bottles and junk mixed with dead seabirds. Very tragic, it becomes so obvious how serious the plastic situation are when you see it with your own eyes. There is also a lot of junk on the Atlantic as we sail by. In France, they were quite aware and used, for example, biodegradable plastic bags, but in Portugal they overuse one-time items at restaurants like crazy. It flies around junk everywhere.


Anyway – it was time for us to surf so we went to the two surfing beaches next to the marina and tried to find a surf board for Niclas. After a lot of searching he found one and I rented a board and wetsuit. The day flew by but we had time for a little evening session at sunset.  That beach was too advanced to me with crazy currents and waves. Haha, I was struggling against the currents under that session. When it got too dark and the haze from the waves took over the visability, we went back to the boat. Samuel had organized a boat party with people from Sweden who’s studying in Porto. It was a great evening, we also had time to visit a local restaurant. We ordered red wine – got white wine – the waiter called it green wine. We we’re totally confused!


Day 10 – Surf day


This day Jocke and I spent on the more beginner-friendly beach while Niclas was fighting the bigger waves. The water was so cold! 14-16 degrees – it’s torture! I was looking for a wetsuit but after trying out a few I decided to just rent one. Anyone who has any tips on what wetsuit to buy? The guys have 3/2, the surf stores recommend 4/3 but I’m thinking of a 5/3 because I’m usually so cold.


Black rain

We we’re surfing for a while, until we got too cold, then we went to the town of Porto. My biggest misstake ever was not to bring my camera! I regretted it so much! Porto was so amazingly beautiful with stone houses in all sorts of colors and small alleys with cobblestones. In addition, it was a haze covering the sky, and the sun looked like a blood red orange. It was sooo nice and it was impossible to capture it with only the phone … I’ll just have to go back one day! While we had dinner it began to rain – and the rain was black. We didn’t understand what was happening and suddenly we looked like we were covered by freckles. It turned out that the fog during the evening was from smug from a forest fire and with the rain came ashes. It has been very dry for a long time and Portugal has had many forest fires.

So much trash in the marina, and dead sea birds 🙁

When we asked for the bill, we got it on a tissue haha


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