The Death Coast – Costa da Morte

Day 6 – A Coruña

We spent the day in the harbor with a bit of repairngs on the boat and laundry. What a temperature difference it was from the other side of Biscaya! It was nice and warm at the harbor and in the afternoon we took a jogging trip to Torre de Hercules – the world’s oldest lighthouse still in use. The views were so beautiful! Then we had a walk in town and we ended up in the old town at a super cozy bodega and had tapas with really good wine. Sangria also, of course!



Day 7 – Muxia – Costa de Morte (Death Coast)

We left the harbour for breakfast and headed for Muxia. At first we could sail but then the wind changed direction and we had to go by motor most of the time. We arrived at Muxia perfectly in time to get up on the mountain to watch the sunset with a beer and a bag of chips. Muxia was cute with nice little houses. The coast here is called Costa de Morte. Many boats have been wrecked since it can be very difficult to get into port when the Atlantic waves crash to land. Sometimes the harbours close and it is safer to be out at sea than trying to get in.


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