Towards France!

Day 1 – Towards France!


It was a long travel day that started at 02:30 am with a bus to Skavsta and a flight to London. Despite 8 hours of wait in London, I was about to miss the next flight because I was trying to find trains and buses from Lorient to Roscoff where the boys where with the boat. Haha that’s so typical me…


Once in Lorient, I had to find a taxi quickest possible to make it to the train to Brest. On the train I tried to solve somewhere to live for the night. The plan was initially to meet the guys from Sailing Swedes in Roscoff, but it was impossible to get there the same evening. There was a hostel I could check in to but I had very little time to get there before they closed the reception. The girl at the hostel was the kindest ever, she was waiting for me to come, so I did not have to spend spending the night at the train station.


Day 2 – Roscoff – Ouessanp


I didn’t have many hours of sleep that night before it was time to catch the train to Roscoff. All the people I met in France have been absolutely wonderful! Although they have not been able to speak English, there haven’t been any problems communicating anyways and they’ve been so helpful. I did not see much of France because it was dark the hours I was there. But when I approached Roscoff in the morning, I was completely blown away by the beautiful countryside and all the beautiful stone houses. The full moon lit up behind the clouds and the rooftops just as you imagine how France looks like in movies. I have to go there again and see more!


The boys came met me at the bus station and soon we were off along the French coast. The tide and currents here are crazy. The level of the water differs by 7 meters, in some ports the boats are laying ont the ground during certain times of the day. Bridges are built into the water that can be used when it is low water, it looks quite weird.


The plan was to cross Biscaya straight away, but due to currents and winds, we chose to spend the night in Ouessanp. The sailing was nice with great weather. Until the current turned against us and we did not move any further, more likely backwards. During the day we were visited by dolphins on 4 different occasions and some porpoises also appeared. The dolphins are so gracious as they play around the boat. You can not get enough of them! A better first day of the trip ain’t possible!



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