She Captain Sailing

Sailing with the girls!


This year, it wasn’t only Christine and I who wanted to gather sailor girls. The energetic Anna Mourou Lange organized a very nice She Captain get-together. We were a total of 12 boats and about 45 girls. So much fun! We are not many girls out there sailing, it’s fun to meet with all of them, as well as the girls who have the interest but not much knowledge yet!


The first evening was absolutely magical when we sailed from Gustavsberg to Norrviken at Runmarö. There was a little rainy but a magical sunset. The night continued to be completely magical with a star bright sky. On Saturday we had a race to Sandhamn. We arrived late for the start but still we ended up on third place of eleven boats! It was our first race with Pachamama. Emelie Bjurström sailed with us and  taught us a lot about sailing trim. Overall, it was a fantastic September weekend with nice weather! Autumn sailing isn’t that bad actually!

Third place, woop woop!


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