The Armada week


In a previous post, I wrote about how I’m affected by social media and that I feel a bit low at the moment because of that. But there is also a lot of great things that comes from social media.


The Armada week for example.


We did not know anyone at that time but thanks to Facebook we embarked on their vacation.


A large group of friends who’s renting boats one week each year received us with open arms. It became an adventurous and eventful week! It was really windy – again – this summer, how can it be so windy all the time?!


It also became a week full of new knowledge. Renting a boat can really be like buying the pig in the bag. Now afterwards there were quite a few comic happenings – but while in the moment it might not has been as fun. However, you are all warriors, if you ever read this! One engine dropped out in the ocean – the engine attachment was rutten so the screws went right through and the engine is now at the bottom of the ocean. Some where more or less ”touching”  ground at some occasions and engines didn’t work. I took two screenshots on the conversation that went on at one point, I laugh every time I see them! However, everything went well and we all learned a lot of the different situations.


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