Swedish summer nights in the archipelago

The sound of the waves against the smooth cliffs and a light breeze. The sun is approaching the horizon and the light and colors are exploding.


The water ripples when the wind sweeps past and the clouds are colored in all shades of red and pink. A glass of red wine in your hand and the barbecue is sparkling. You look out over the views and can’t stop being amazed by how beautiful nature is. It gets cooler but the heated rock keeps you warm. You are surrounded by good friends who share all this with you.


This – this is magic.


Grönskärsfladen offered a memorable evening. It has been a windy summer and we have become pretty good at finding safe harbors. However, due to the winds it’s been hard to get epic sunsets at the boats. But why would that matter when you can bring your barbecue to the other side of the island and enjoy the evening sun anyway!


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