Midsummer at Utö


Utö for Midsummer – a recap of last year’s success!


Last year’s midsummer was our first real weekend with the new boat Pachamama. We met so many nice people, so of course we wanted to celebrate with them this year too! This year brought together a lot of boats with even more new faces as well as old childhood friends. The weather was perfect, the food was great (Chrisse made vegan Skagen, a swedish traditional dish) and the boats stayed floating this year too, despite maximizing the number of people on board. Midsummers night offered summer rain and we danced under the open sky until we became soaked. We came home to our boat which was just as wet; it was leaking from the front hatch. That’s life with a small boat haha!


Thank you all once again for a fantastic midsummer!


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