Girls sailing 16-18th of June

Finally we’ve had our first girls sailing event. It was a success with great weather, lovely girls and fun activities!

At the start of the summer we held a girls’ sailing weekend in the Stockholm archipelago. After finishing the final preparations and meeting up with Mikaela and Elin, on Friday we were finally ready to go sailing. It became a foggy and cold, but nice trip to Munkholmen outside of Ingarö where we met two other boats. So nice to kickstart the event already on Friday were first got to test the inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards from Surfbussen.

Paddla SUP in the archipelago of Stockholm

If you have ever thought of testing SUP’s, then you just have to try it! Or better yet, bring a board next time you go sailing and paddle in the archipelago. So idyllic! It is also perfect if the toilets happen ti be on the other side of the bay and you are in a hurry. You can attach the board on the freeboard of the boat so you do not have to deflate them all the time. On Saturday morning we headed for the actual destination of the girls weekend: Nämdö. Since there was no wind whatsoever, we decided to  have some fun with the SUPs while Mikaela went for a swim. It was absolutely magical! Swedish summer at its best.

Quiz walk, artwork made of trash and barbeque chill-out

Later in the afternoon, the other boats started showing up. It was so much fun meeting everyone and exchange experiences. In cooperation with Karün we held a small trash-collecting competition were the best contribution won a pair of sunglasses made from recycled fishing net. By the way, right now all readers get 15% off 7 Seas Collection if you enter the code: EXPLOFOTEN

There was also a quiz walk and in the evening everyone gathered for a barbeque on the cliffs. We can not stress enough times how wonderful it is to be out on the ocean. There is no easier way to hang out and you are outside all day long. If you have you never tested sailing we highly recommend it! Or, if you do not have a boat, take the Waxholm ferry to one of the islands Stockholm has to offer and spend the day there!

Strong Sailor with Keep Explore

Sunday started with a nice workout led by Mikaela Söhnchen in true Keep Explore spirit. Starting the day with a training session and a dip in the ocean makes breakfast taste extraordinary. We are hoping to be able to do a girls’ event next year too, since it’s so rare to meet girls at sea, especially those who with their own boat. Hopefully, even more women have the opportunity to join, so let’s support each other in taking more space within the sport! Generally, we think it’s awesome meeting new people, no matter what gender. So, if anyone will be out this summer let us know and maybe we can meet up!

Annika won the quiz walk and got a water bottle with the expedition Lofoten logo. We ordered it logo Pixum where you can make lots of gift items with your own pictures.

Alexandra became the Strong Sailor of the weekend and got a homemade lavendel body butter. You find the recipe here.

Throughout the weekend we had a competition together with Haglöfs, where the best instagram image won a rain jacket from their Less is more series. With a Proof membrane, which is a much nicer alternative in regards to the environment than for example GoreTex.


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