MTB camp with Keep Explore

Stop explain – Keep explore!

What an honor it was to join the MTB camp with Keep Explore last weekend! Our dear friend Mikaela is in the beginning of a great concept encourageing people to stop apologizing and get out exploring instead. It was a fantastic day at Änggårdsbergen in central Gothenburg. An oasis in the middle of the city!

I have tried downhill biking in Åre once before, but apart from that I have never been near such bikes. It really is a nice feeling to slam over rocks and roots as if the ground almost was flat. The MTB’s have such good suspension, so you ride harder than you think! Super fun, great workout mixed with adrenaline and the whole nature experience. Plus we were surrounded with great company, yummy food, and stellar weather! Could not have been any better!

Mikaela and Jens hosted us all weekend. As always with Mikaela, you get so much fresh energy and really believe in yourself when you are with her. We also got the opportunity to go on an exciting blog workshop with ”Skapande Verksta” ruined by and and returned home with lots of valuable tips!


Great film and edit by Christine, and music by Anne Nyboe


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