Save money and the environment by hiring a car


Light wind and sparkling snow in Härjedalen


During Easter I went to Funäsdalen with some friends. The idea was that we would go snowkiting all weekend, but the wind wasn’t strong enough all days. We did some other activities like touring instead, and that’s not bad either! I don’t own a car, and nobody in the group had access to a big car which we needed to be able to bring all the equipment.

To rent a car is cheap


In cooperation with Auto Europe we could rent a car, and I realized that it is not too expensive. For five days, divided by 4 people, the cost is about 600 sek per person, plus diesel for 300 sek per person for over 1000 km. The car was very fuel-efficient and stable, and despite all our baggage we could fit everything. (Even though it was a bit of a mission haha!) Kites, skis, snowboards and suitcases, it takes a lot of space!


Better for the environment


In my case, who don’t own a car, it’s actually not bad at all to rent one when it’s needed. If you fill a car and share the costs, and go by bus and train when you are home, you save both money and the environment. Owning a car today is expensive, often due to unexpected repairs, fuel costs and maintenance costs. However, it is always best for the environment to travel by train, even if you are 4 in the car.


Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals

Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals

Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals


Hire a car vs to own a car


Owning a car can give a great sense of freedom and that may be worth a lot. But it can be more profitable to hire one. Auto Europe has conducted a survey in Britain to see what it really costs to own a car. According to it, researchers have found that a typical driver who has driven a car for 64 years spends almost 800 000 sek on fuel, 450 000 sek on service charges and repairs and 100 000 sek on parking fees. In addition you need to pay for vehicle taxes, car insurance and, of course, the purchase of the vehicle. Renting a car, even if it’s only for a day or for a long term rental, is not expensive today. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about extra costs and wear and tear that often occurs when you own your own car.


Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals

Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals

Greater freedom with a rental car when traveling


 writes in an article that he chose to rent a car instead of buying one. Not just because of the money, but he wanted to travel. If he owned a car, it would mean that his entire trip would have to be within driving distance. If he wanted to fly somewhere, it would double the costs; for the rental car and for the car at home. Here you can read his article!


Read more about the survey and how to reduce your car costs here.

This post was written in collaboration with Auto Europe. 
My opinions are however 100% my own.

Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals

Hire a car vs to own a car | Auto Europe Car Rentals


4 thoughts on “Save money and the environment by hiring a car

  1. Kan inte mer än hålla med. Mycket bättre för miljön än att ha egen. 🙂 bra tips och vad det kostar.

  2. Jag kan hålla med om att det förmodligen är bättre för miljön än hyra bil att ha egen, beroende på vart man bor. Bor man på landet t ex så funkar det ju tyvärr inte så bra med kollektivtrafik alltid. Men bor man i storstad som Stockholm så är hyrbil ett väldigt bra alternativ vid de tillfällen då man behöver bil.

  3. Ser fantastiskt ut med kitesurfingen och skidåkningen. Har aldrig varit i Funäsdalen men ser helt klart bra ut. Är bara nybörjare på kitesurfing men har kört på både snö och vatten. Kommer spendera nästa vinter i Kanada, hoppas att jag kan hitta ett ställe och göra det på där.

  4. If we compare the ideas between hiring a car vs owning a car, we cannot reach at a proper solution as both options have specific benefits which cannot be underestimated. However, the figure given on the post can certainly discourage the most buyers. It has taken into account the every penny that mostly spent on a car. But from my point of view, I will rate the hiring choice more when it comes to maintenance. You do not have to worry about your vehicle’s health condition as you are its few-day friend.

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