Snowkite at Ramundberget and Björnrike


Wow, what a snowkite weekend! I’m full of new energy, and so high on life!


I was a bit nervous about going to Vemdalen on a snow kite weekend with three guys I’ve met 1-2 times. I was most nervous about the kiting. Last time I did it was in Peru for 2.5 years ago. We surfed in waves, with strong winds and stranded sea lions (read more here). I was a bit scared because I had no control of my kite in those high waves.  Therefor, I didn’t really know how I would think it was to kite again.


But it was a lot of fun! So much better on snow, I really enjoyed it and was able to keep up with the guys at a kite safari. This time the kite did what I wanted it to do, not vice versa. Such a feeling of freedom! Sail on snow, to inaccecable places!


Great #snowkite conditions at #ramundberget yesterday! Let’s see what #björnrike has to offer today!

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