Save the environment AND money swapping to reusable products



Have you ever thought about how many of the tools we use at home have very short life span?


For example, dish cloths, dish brushes, vacuum cleaner bags, etc. For many of these products, most of us would not be willing to swap to a reusable solution. For example, q-tips, or toilet paper: I think most people would find it discusting to switch to a reusable option (I am anyways not very keen on reusing paper or some kind of fabric I’ve wiped my bum with …) But many of the products currently made in plastic you can actually get in a better material, without us even having any idea! Instead of dishcloths one can use old rags or microfiber cloths that you simply wash when they get dirty. There are organic q-tips to clean ears or removing make-up with that are completely compostable. Made of paper instead of plastic. So much better!


Instead of the plastic dish brushes, today there are dish brushes made of wood and a head made of natural fiber, where you just replace the head when it has served its time. They cost only a little more than usual dish brushes, and you save the environment by not throwing the whole product, and also by skipping the plastic plus these brushes last longer. If you boil them in water mixed with vinegar every now and then they’ll become clean again and you can replace them more rarely, good for your wallet too! There are even toothbrushes made of the same material which cost as much as usual plastic ones you buy in the grocery store. What if these products were as easy to purchase as them. Guess what the coolest part is, you can affect grocery stores range of products! By demanding that stores bring in certain goods, you help making it easier for people to choose environmentally friendly products. If you ask your store to bring in these products others can discover how much better they are. 


It may seem ridiculous to even consider these little things and they may seem ”uninmportant” but I firmly believe in ”small ponds flows into big lakes”.


Furthermore these are some super simple changes which do not in any way affect your everyday life more one that you get a feel better about yourself everytime you wash or clean. My goal is that every time I run out of something I am going to find a more environmentally friendly alternative. For example, when I have used up all my q-tips and my last regular dishcloth I am going to get the organic options. Doing it this way, it feels easier to make the changes, when not everything needs to happen at once.




Wooden eco toothbrush and dish brush from Bodystore (adlinks) and organic q-tips from





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