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On Wednesday we’ll head off to Sälen!


It’ll be really nice to spend some time in the mountains. We’ll do some touring and some cross country skiing.  Christine and I don’t usually do cross country skiing, but we’ll bring our parents dog Chips, he needs some long walks. We’ll stay with a big group in a chalet, New Year will be celebrated in the cottage, it’s going to be awesome!


The boards are now waxed and ready for some shredding!




We watched North of the Sun this weekend, a Norwegian documentary about two men who spent nine months in the cold Norwegian winter at an isolated and uninhabited bay on a remote arctic island off the coast of northern Norway. Worth watching! We got a lot of inspiration for our own project.



Merry Christmas to all of you!


Our Christmas was very relaxed, we had ”glögg”-tasting (Swedish mulled wine) with homemade Vin chaud and Glühwein. We think both France and Germany beat the Swedish Blossa Glögg actually!


Homemade Vin Chaud


Chips is going to join us at all the activities in the snow



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