Christmas gifts for backpackers and ski bums!



Christmas is around the corner!


Have you organized all of your Christmas gifts yet?

Here’s some gift ideas that a backpacker or a ski bum would surely appreciate!



  • Pouch – buy a stylish wallet that is neither too big nor too small. When I travel, I use a small pouch with a zipper that only has room for a few ATM cards and some cash. With a snap hook attached to it, you can put it on the bra, on your pants, or even on your panties. Check out this travel wallet. (You get 20% at Pura Vida Bracelets if you enter the code EMELIEPERSSON20)


  • Guidebook – in many countries you won’t survive without a travel bible. You won’t have access to the internet all the time. It’s great to have a guidebook that can help you at any time. We couldn’t have survived without our Lonely planet when we traveled in South America. 



  • GoPro Hero 5 – please Santa, I have been very well-behaved this years…! Hero 5 – it’s waterproof up to 10 meters without the camera shell! This means that the sound while recording will be much better because no plastic house is in the way. Hallelujah!



  • External hard drive – you don’t want your photographs to disappear during the trip! I use LaCie and think they are great, they can tolerate more since they are covered by a rubber shell to withstand bumps and drops up to 1.2m.



  • Globe from Indiska – I have this in my window, it’s super cute because it’s not as big as usual globes. Indiska also has globe-balls that you put in your Christmas tree.







  • Water bottle with cleaning filter – while traveling you rarely will be able to drink water from the tap. A bottle with a purification system is great to avoid spending a lot of money on water bottles.





  • Powerbank – a spare battery will be your savior at long bus trips when you want to listen to music. Or on the ski slopes when you need to call someone, but the phone’s dead because of the cold.




  • Extension cord – will be used every day of the trip! The terminals at the hostel is always busy, but with this cord you can charge three things in only one terminal.  You will also be able to have your phone close to your bed while charging during the nights. 




  • Drybag: A waterproof bag is perfect for your camera and your phone when traveling in the rainforest, or when you go to the beach.






  • Avalanche safety course – it is easy to think –  I won’t need to learn now – before a season. But an avalanche course is great to have before you head off! I would have appreciated it very much if I got it for Christmas.






  • Charity – give a gift that makes a difference. Save children’s lives, become a marine sponsor or become a sponsor of various animals.














En pojke från en fattig ö i Panamas djungel på juldagen. Han gömmer sig för oss men är nyfiken på att få ta del av julklapparna som vi delar ut.




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