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I’ve been looking around for Travel Apps recently. There are actually many Apps that can make your trip much easier! I have gathered the ones that I think is the best, almost all of those I am using myself.


  • Google Maps – You can download maps offline which you can use when you don’t have access to internet. It is great, just select the places where you’re going to – ahead of time – then you can easily get there even though you don’t have Internet on your phone.


  • Google Translate – a great tool for quickly translating languages. You can translate some languages when you’re offline. You can also translate images using the camera on your phone – take a picture of the menu, for example, and you can see the translation instantly!


  • Duolingo – learn the language by playing games on your phone.


  • Trailwallet or Wally  makes it easy to stay on your budget when you are traveling. Enter how much the tuk tuk cost you took the first day so you know how much you should be paying the second day. It’s good to know how much you spend, especially for us backpackers!


  • Cost Split – such a great app! It helps you share costs within a group where each person can add expenses from their own phone. You never have to think about who owes whom money, the app calculates it for you.


  • XE Currency Apps – I  always need a currency converter on my phone. Make sure you have the latest exchange rate downloaded.


  • Find my iPhone – turn on Find my iPhone and you’ll find it if you loose it. However, it uses your GPS. If you don’t have the roaming turned on, it will not work, except when you have wifi. You do not want the roaming on, that can be expensive. Find My iPhone works best when you have a prepaid SIM card with surf. Prey Anti Theft is a similar app, check it out. Also ensure that you have a PIN code on your phone.


  • TrackR (adlink) – if you often loose your stuff this is the app for you. You attach a coin-ish thing on eg your keys or wallet, then you can call them when you can’t find them.


  • Momondo (adlink) – one of the best travel apps, I think. You can search and book your flights directly on your mobile. Me and my sister have discovered that some trips are cheaper with the app than on the website. A very efficient and flexible search tool! Momondo makes it possible to create your own itinerary. It might be more expensive to fly with Ryanair return trip. Then you can eg take that cheap flight with Ryanair to your destination and get the cheapest EasyJet ticket back home. They also recommend train tickets if that’s the cheapest way. Try out the Friends Compass – the app gets access to your Facebook friends and list the cheapest prices to visit them. Recently they started a guide app with tips on different cities, Momondo Places


  • Instabridge – find free wifi wherever you are, without using roaming or without having to beg for the password at cafés. Download the places in advance to be able to connect when you don’t have internet access. There is also a similar one called Avast Wi-Fi Finder.


  • Field Trip – Google’s travel guide tells you about interesting facts when you go past the attractions, restaurants and great shops. 


  • Arrival Guides – You can access a variety of guides on the phone instead of reading the guide books. Download the guides in advance to be able to read them even if you don’t have internet access.


  • Yelp! – a great complement to Tripadvisor where you will find a lot of reviews of restaurants, bars and shops.


  • Peak Finder – are you hiking a lot or going free-skiing and want to know what the mountains around you are called and the altitudes of them? Then you should get this app. It works offline and displays the name of mountains from Mount Everest to the small hill around the corner.


  • Backpacker GPS Trails Lite – record your hikes, backpacking travels and camping adventures if you want to share them with your friends. You get access to maps and to navigate with a compass to different places.


  • Rome2Rio – shows how you can get from a certain place to another anywhere in the world. How long will it take and what kind of transportation do you need to use? It makes it easier to plan your backpacking trip.


  • Backpackr – the social app for backpackers, find your new travel buddies.


  • Pinterest – there is a lot of amazing pictures on Pinterest. Many of them are linked to great guides on various blogs. I have found very good tips and inspiration there, and you can easily get an idea on what to see at each destination by just looking at pictures. Check out my Pinterest, I have saved a lot of different guides from other bloggers.


  • Camera+ – allows you to take better pictures with your phone. You can make your own settings such as changing the ISO, which you can’t do with the original camera app.


  • Touchnote – send your photos as postcards for the same price as a regular postcard with a stamp. Postnord has a similar app that I’ve used and it works great! 


  • SAS survival guide – if you are hiking, you can get tips from a former SAS soldier about how to survive in the wilderness.


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