Book your travels this weekend – Black Friday and Cyber Monday






This weekend you can find cheap travels because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  That means a lot of different travel companies offers you a lot of different travels for a better price. Here is some of them:


  •  gives you 300 kr off when your booking flights and hotel. Use code FVH2016SE0, it’s working to the last of december! 
  • has special deals all day today.
  • exposes great prices on travel during Black Friday.
  • gives you low prices at flight tickets. 
  • has 60% off.
  • gives you 50% off when booking hotel and you get 800 kr off when booking packages. 
  • gives you special deals during Black Friday.
  • Qatar Airways is offering better prices to selected destinations until Monday, the seats are limited, book now!
  • Northlander ski trips at low prices on Black Friday.
  • 15% off with code: BLACK2016
  • Scandinavia’s biggest online ski shop online gives you better prices.
  • Swebus 50% off at travels between 16-31/12
  • Blacksnow 20% off on everything. Buy your avalanche gear for the winter season! 
  • Outnorth 20-60% off at a lot of outdoor gear,  på massor av friluftsprylar, fill your bag with great stuff for your backpacking travels! 
  • Pura Vida Bracelets 50% off on your entire  purchase.
  • better prices on climbing gear. 






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