Here’s our trip through Panama.



We were still on our budget at around 400 SEK/$49 each day. Panama was more expensive than Southamerica, especially the hostels. We stayed in Bocas del Toro during Christmas and that made it even more expensive, and hard to find availability at the cheep hostels.



  • Sailing trip from Colombia to San Blas in Panama (6 days): $550 (you can bargain the price to $525) We are still trying to get money back from this because unfortunatly our trip was a horror story. It’s supposed to be the best time of your life, but be sure that the boat has all the security that is needed, and go and look for yourself, don’t trust any agancies. If you don’t want to spend this much money, A long dusty road has wrote a great article about it here.


  • A jeep from the mainland after the San Blas to Panama City: $30


  • Hostel Siriri in Panama City: $16


  • The bus system for tourists in Panama City is pretty messy. It’s similar to the system in Stockholm – you need to buy a card which you have to put money on at certain places, wich never work. Might aswell be easier and better to take a cab.


  • The Panama Chanel entrence: $15


  • Bus from Panama City to Almirantes (Bocas del Toro): $28


  • Taxiboat from Almirantes to Bocas del Toro: $6


  • South Beach hostel in Bocas del Toro $18 (waaay too expensive, but they arrange fun activities. Stay at Hostal Heike for $10 or even better, Aqua Lodge, the party place)


  • Open water diving certificate: $250


  • Two fun dives: $70


  • A boat tour to see dolphins and different beaches and snorkeling: $15-$25


  • Chocolate tour in Oreba: $30, includes transportation and lunch




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