I’m back in Sweden after a long and lonely journey! Mum and dad waited for me at the airport, but so did not my luggade… Hmm I hope I’ll get it back soon, or else I’m gonna get loads of money from the insuranse to buy heaps of new clothes, yey!
It was nice to see the family again, as always, and they fed me with awesome food and now I can’t move. We had the dinner in the new outhouse, or whatever you call it, for the first time ever. Pretty nice!
Chips was happy as usual, even though he seems to be a bit lazy nowadays! He got stuck of plenty of the pictures and he’s not very happy with me anymore…
But hey guys, thank’s for an awesome season in Banff! It’s been so much fun! But I’m going to go over to the swedish writing from now on, because I know your all laughing about my spelling and reading it out loud (Mikes).  And I can’t express myself as I want to in english. Plus, who of you want’s to read about my dog and our swedish food? Pretty booring hey? But if you still want to read, translate it with google translate that is just on the side over there ———————> And you might learn some Swedish aswell wich is always good for you, right!?
Here’s a sneakpeak for you sis!
Mmmmm I want that little bone….
yeah, I really want it….
Yeaaah Yeaaahhh it tastes sooo good!

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