Going back to Norway this summer

Josefin stayed one more day after mum and Oscar left, and the snow kept falling. We had some really good powder laps and there was only one thing I felt that I hadn’t showed her yet. It was time to show her the Delerium Dive. We got some avi gear packs and hiked up to the highest point of Sunshine. The visability wasn’t the greatest, but whatever, the snow was perfect! It all went really smooth until I took here to my ”secret” spot where there’s always untuched areas. To go there we had to traverse on the top of a cliff, which I’ve been doing a couple if times before. But Josefins board slipped on a ice spot underneath the powder and fell off the cliff. Puuh that could have ended really bad but luckely she fell off the part of the cliff that wasn’t too high. After that, we had some sick turnes at the bottom of the Dive. Josefins snowboardning skills approved enormeously in in here time here in Banff!
After two weeks with my best friend I finally decided what to do after this season. I’ve always said that at the point that I turn 25 it’s time to try to settle down and stop doing seasons. I wasn’t sure if I could ever stop travelling, but right know I feel like staying at one place for more than 6 months. And after working as a liftie in Canada I’m kind of broke, so moving in with Josefin in Stavanger in Norway for the summer seems to be a great idea for earning good money. Then I will hopefully be accepted to the education I just applied for in Sundsvall in Sweden, photojournalism. If not, well, that’s not the end of the world, I just apply again for the spring and find out something else to do in the winter, or I’ll stay in Norway. Who knows…
The entrance to Delerium Dive

Josefine experienced one of our jugnights as James Bond




My one and only lift Tee Pee Town. 


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