Oscar and mum has arrived!

Yesterday, mum and Oscar arrived Banff in the afternoon and we went to their hotel to meet them. They surprised us with sprakling wine, swedish candy and Kalles Kaviar (the best thing you can ever have with eggs). We got a little ”easter egg” and inside we got an brand new Iphone each! Yeeees, now the batteries will last for hopefully a whole day at least! I’m never going back to Sony Ericsson again, that’s for sure!
Today we spent the whole day up at Sunshine Village and as the whole last week the weather was perfect. Everyone is amazed by the views and how good the riding is. Even if it’s easter, it’s not very busy, at least compared to Sweden. There’s no ice on the slopes as it always is in Sweden and some people are riding in just a T-shirt (even though that’s still a little bit too cold).
We cooked them dinner in our house after a long nap for everyone. I’ll better go to bed and get ready for tomorrow’s riding!
And dad, we miss you loads!!! Wish you could be here too! 
Hangover breakfast in town


Mum <3








0 thoughts on “Oscar and mum has arrived!

  1. Så trevligt ni alla har det i solen. Vi har sol men mkt kall blåst. Vi sitter i glashus och ugglar. Kram till er alla. Mormor

  2. Ni ser ut att ha det bra. Och alltid sol har ni
    Saknar er alla
    Kram Pappa

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