Tee Pee is derailed

Today when I got to work they told me to go home again. My lift Tee Pee has derailed so I got the day off. When they said that it had derailed, I imagined the pictures you can see below, that the chairs fell to the ground. But it wasn’t really that bad, but bad enough that they had to rope evacuate all guests from the lift. Hopefully it works again tomorrow.
Now I have booked the staff trip to Big White, so I’ll go there for two nights just after my family and Josefine has been here. It won’t be too much work at the end of March, but what the heck, you can earn money later in life, right? It is about to use all the time that is left here now!

Chrstine hiking the Galaxy Chutes in the Dive the other day
 Kicking Horse yesterday
 Tee Pee never derailed this bad, luckely! But they had to rope evecuate all the guests from the lift.

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  1. Herregösses vilka äventyr ni är med om! Tur du inte satt i korgen när den föll. Hans hade ca 30 gäster i tisdags. Tack för att ni kom ihåg, Mormor

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