Galaxy Chutes

So today offered another great day in Sunshine! We borrowed some avi gear from Lift ops and hiked up to the Dive again together with Matieu and Richard, but this time we hiked futher away up on the Galaxy Ridge and did the G1 run which was barely tuched. The snow was waist deep and you couldn’t even see because of all the faceshots. So much snow, the sun was shining and it felt like we were surfing on clouds. Totally amazing! I love my life.
Here’s maybe too many photos from today:
Christine is happy to get into the Galaxy Chutes. 
At Goats Eye early this morning
Me and Chrisse hiked up to the Igloo 
The Galaxy Chutes in the Delerium Dive

Snow up in our faces







Two happy (sweaty) sisters after the long ridge hike behind us. 
Round number two to the Dive
I found a toothbrush
Lots of snow = happy days

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  1. VILKA BILDER!!!!! Vet inte vad jag ska säga men det ser HELT underbart ut och ni är så fina, ser att ni blivit lite solbrännda i ansiktet 🙂

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