42 cm pow over night!

Hell yeah! They were right, March the 1st it was puking outside. And today, the second day of the wet month we arrived to the mountain for work and 42 centimeter of fresh snow welcomed us. There was already a line up to the gondola and everyone was happy and excited like crazy. Every lift had a line up before opening and even sleepy Tee Pee Town, that havn’t happened before when I’ve been here. As soon as the lifts opened everyone was cheering and jumping around. And five minutes later everything was tracked out. Damn it, why such a big dump on a Saturday? At least I had one great run before all the moguls appeared. And I was a spare today so I just floated around the mountain to shovel around the lifts until my arms were about to fall off. It’s been so warm so the snow has been very heavy and wet, I really don’t hope that the coming snowfalls are going to turn into rain.
However, the snow is still falling and we are planning on a big baccountry day at Sunshine on Monday and a trip to Kicking Horse on Tuesday. Hopefully we can stick to the plans this time!

A little line up at Tee Pee before opening

Yesterday we had jugnight at the casino in Canmore. Christine had beginners luck with her 5 bucks.
And of course there was a 007 dress up. My sister, my twin and me in a massive chair

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