4 months

In a few days we have been here in Canada for 4 months. And there’s three more to go! And still, I’m getting really frustrated now because I want to do so much stuff before the season ends. I can’t bother to work anymore. Mum, Oscar and Josefine is coming in a month and I don’t feel like working at all when they’re here so I should try to start working some extra shifts now. But I also really want to go to all the other resorts before it’s too late. And I’m so jealous that Christine is going to Revelstoke tomorrow and I’m so enoyed right now!! And something else that starts to bother me is what I should do after the season. Help, too many options but I guess I should grow up soon and start to sort my life out but that doesn’t sound fun to me at all.
However, I had a nice little ride break today. We hiked up to the Igloo and found some freshies. And by the way. Why had Hemsedal last season shit snow and this year they have got so much snow and over here in Canada this year the snow refuses to dump and last season they had like 30 cm every other day. Not fair at all… Please let it snow!
Me and some other lifties hiked up to the Igloo on today’s ride break

Yesterday, we finally had dinner at Christine’s work ”The Evergreen”. The food was really good!

And the tomato soup was happy


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  1. Tänk på att du har väldigt många år framför dig! Allt som du vill göra måste ju inte ske innan du fyller 25.
    Även de som har pluggat eller skaffat jobb kan ta lite tjänstledigt/spara semester och fortsätta resa och uppleva en massa saker och ställen. Detta kan faktiskt fortgå hela livet. Livet är inte slut efter 25! Så ta det lugnt 🙂
    Soliga hälsningar från Thailand.

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