The best day at Susnhine!!!

Oh man! Yesterday was a fucking awesome day! On sunday it kept snowing all day long, it snowed so much that even me, the party-obsessed Emelie stayed in on a Sunday Funday. And I’m glad I did! Even though the snow wasn’t that good as we expected when we got up to Sunshine, the day came to be the best so far in Sunshine. We were riding with danish Thomas and Pat, a guy from Chrstines job and his friend Taylor. Those guys knew where to shred pow, that’s for sure! Christine and I borrowed some Avi gear from some guys from work and finally we could hit the Delirium Dive, the backside of Sunshine where you have to have a beacon to even get through the gate. Everyone has been talking so much about The Dive, and it was really nice. I really want to go there when there’s been even more snow. However, we did The Dive twice and then it was time for a lunchbreak before our next adventure.
Another thing I always wanted to do in Susnhine has been to hit the Wawa Ridge. And finally I got to hike up there, but we never did what they call The Ridge. This time we hiked up to the top and went down on the backside of the ridge, to the Black Tower. Most people goes down on the frontside back to the lifts but we did a run which took us about 2½ hours to do (including the hike). Everywhere else where tracked out, but where we jumped in, no one had tuched the deep snow. Pat really knew where to go, and there was a bit of hiking at times but it was so fucking awesome, I couldn’t stop smiling like a baby. There where freshies everywhere and there was some open spots, some treelines, a long, narrow chute and a great pillowline. At the bottom we filled our bottles with glacier water from a creek before we were starting to hike back in the middle of nowhere. We got back to the Base, all down at the bottom of Susnhine and after all the hiking my body was aching but we where so happy and pleased that we couldn’t resist a beer before we went back home.
God damn, we found the white gold of Sunshine and now I realise that I really have to save some money for my own avi gear and an avi course too. Life is good!
 A rest on top of Wawa Ridge before hitting the freshies of Black Tower.  
 Pat on Standish
 About 30 min hike up to Wawa Ridge
 Almost there!

Down there the untuched powder was waiting for us



Awesome views and great powder. 

About to hit the great chute

Lets hit that Delerium Dive!

Hiking back after shredding The Dive 
 So much hiking…

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