Celebrity Ski

It’s been the Celebrity Ski weekend in Sunshine Village now. Pierce Brosnan and Alicia Silverstone was two of all the celebrities that were skiing around our mountain today. Unfortunatley, my lovely lift Tee Pee Town isn’t Sunshine’s most popular lift, so I never saw any celeb that I could recognize. But whatever, I had a lovely day in the sunshine and now my face is burnt like a lobster.
And sunshine is nice, but I want snow now! We are in desperate need of some fresh snow. Hopefully were going to Kicking Horse the next week, and maybe there will be more snow coming over there. Here’s some more pics from Revelstoke when we were there:
The samll jeep with a big story behind…

I stole a pic from Mike’s Instagram




0 thoughts on “Celebrity Ski

  1. Hej. Vilken häftig bild på berget som lyser som guld,
    är det kvälls solen som gör den effekten.
    Fin bild på dig.

    Kramar Pappa

  2. Jag håller med föregående talare. Fina och häftiga bilder! Och du är som alltid jätte fin 🙂

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