Another great tuesday

Me, Chrstine and Cameron had a really good day at Sunshine today, even though it only snowed five cm last night. We were all around the mountain and the sun kept us a bit warmer now when the temperature’s been around -18 degrees. We´ve been used to warmer weather for a while, it’s been feeling like spring time – in January. But however, let it snow a lot now, please!

Outside the topshack of Tee Pee Town


Christine at Backdoor

Me and Cameron trying to find some freshies at Backdoor


My lovely friend Josefine might come over for a visit soon, and that makes me sooo happy! I miss you loads, and if you are coming over, I promise you won’t be a target for any stupid pranks this time! <3
Had the best time with you! @ Bowen, Australia

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  1. Jag vill verkligen komma till dig! Ska göra allt jag kan för att det ska gå. Saknar dig enormt mycket

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